Prince George's Top Rated Local® Mortgage Services

In a beautiful place like Prince George, we know you’ll have a lot of mortgage companies to choose from to get the financing you need to secure your dream home. We’re confident you’ll choose Lisa Johnson. Why?

Lisa Johnson is the Top Rated Local® mortgage broker in Prince George with nearly three decades of experience helping home buyers like you understand mortgage rates and make the best decisions for their financial futures. Lisa offers compassionate, experienced service and mortgage and custom refinance options. Most importantly, she can pre-approve you for a home mortgage!

Mortgage pre-approval is key for getting the home you want in Prince George, and it is particularly beneficial for first-time home buyers since it allows you to understand mortgages and your financial situation before committing to the significant investment that is a home.

When you go through the mortgage pre-approval process, you’ll gain a better understanding of how mortgages work and how much house you can afford, which should inform any offers you make on a home. Once you’re pre-approved for a mortgage, you can shop the housing market with confidence! Real estate agents love buyers with pre-approval because it shows them that you have the finances to back up your offer. In essence, pre-approval makes any offer you make on a home a more serious offer than that of someone without pre-approval who could hypothetically still get rejected for a home loan.

Inform yourself today and give yourself and real estate agents confidence in your offers on a property. Call Lisa Johnson in Prince George today to get started on getting pre-approved for a home mortgage!