Martin M.

This with great pleasure I get to write another review. Since I wrote last, and being a once again home owner, thanks to Lisa. I found myself in some financial difficulty, what with all the “lines of credit” a bank will award you, after a real estate purchase. The credit cards I had were making it really tough at month end. Lisa advised, to go get an extension on one of the afore mentioned, credit lines. The bank turned down my application; Lisa did not. Not only a mortgage professional, a damn good financial organizer as well. Lisa secured me a new mortgage, wiped the previous one, their credit lines and all my credit card debt, for only $100 a month difference. It’s always a pleasure to deal with Lisa and her positive a approach to any situation. Mortgage issues, or debt problems, Lisa welcomes the challenge and is always there to help, with your best interest in mind. Call Lisa Johnson!